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How can you guarantee students get a high paying job?

Because all our students land high paying jobs and become managers soon after. We teach our students amazing skills that are so rare in the US, that we import them. when you graduate from college, You will know skills that only analysts and managers with advanced degrees learn after years of working.

What is your student success rate?

It’s 100% placement over $70,000, and soon after, six figure management positions.

Is the training online or in person?

The training is online but given COVID disappearance, it will be a combination of online and in-person.

How long does it take to complete ERM Academy?

ERM Academy is best taken while a sophomore or junior in college to get 2-3 years of relevant work experience to maximize pay after graduation.

Do I need to have previous experience?

We train you from ground up in all areas – no prerequisites except for hard work and motivation.

Are there Payment Plans?

Yes, there are payment plans for group trainings but not for 1:1 private training.

Is Financial Aid available?

We are currently working on creating a nonprofit organization to fund our students which they repay after being successfully employed in small monthly installments to be used to fund future student tutions.

How does this compare with a college degree?

There is no college degree that does what this program does.

Are there other expenses other than tuition?

There are no other expenses.

Is their support available?

We have all the resources and support that our students need.

ERM Academy | Enterprise Risk Management Training

Enterprise Risk Management Academy has been creating a globally competitive work force in financial service industries. We prepare college students and professionals in niche areas in analytics and quantitative and structured finance, risk management, decision science, and marketing CRM. Our ultimate mission is to create a network of socially responsible management force with superior analytic and decision science capacities, throughout the US and the globe.

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