Our Graduates Buy Their Own Houses Instead of Living With Their Parents When They Graduate!

Get A High Paying Stable and Secure Career in Analytic Risk Management

ERM Academy Actuarial Data Science Bootcamp Offers You…

  • ZHighly In-Demand Management Career Skills
  • ZA Vast Network of Mentors & Successful Graduates
  • ZOur Get Hired Guarantee ($70,000+ Job) or it's Free!

We Solve The 2 Major Problems Every Graduate Faces

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Every recent graduate knows the “chicken and egg” dilemma:
Employers are looking for work experience, but students can’t develop experience without employment.

The Solution To Graduates Getting Hired 

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ERM Academy and ERM Advisors bridge the gap between graduates and the skills needed by global corporations, helping students become sought-after candidates in this competitive job market.

How Our Actuarial Data Science Bootcamp Will Sky Rocket Your Career

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You Get Trained by Experts

ERM Academy is a Sustainable Career Education System created by Mori Batagva. As the students obtain jobs, they become part of the Academy’s mentor network and teach cutting-edge advancements, software, and methodologies to new students, supporting our students in every way!

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You Become an In-Demand Expert

We give you individualized training and support, and subsequent work at our consulting firm ERM Advisors or other companies, as interns and analysts, before you hit the market running, with unmatched skills and experience to have no competition, at salaries even higher than ivy league graduates.

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You Get Hired (Guaranteed)

ERM alumi work in high finance roles in London, NYC, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Nashville, and Boulder earning between $75,000 to $155,000. We are so confident in our training that we guarantee that you will get hired with a $70,000+ salary or your tuition is free.

100% ERM Academy Student Success since 2011

We have been creating a globally competitive work force in financial service industries for college students and professionals.

In the world of risk and analytics there is no better. Mori is a master of both insurance and credit risk with a proven track record of success. I attended Mori’s Enterprise Risk Management Academy as well as worked under him at ERM Risk Advisors. I learned more in the time I spent with Mori than I did my entire undergraduate career, and I can confidently say that he is the reason I am successful In my role today. A friend, and a colleague whom I am fortunate to have. 

– Thomas Waldschmidt, Data Science Analyst II at Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. 

My experience with ERM Academy altered my career projection and future goals. I was able to receive 1 on 1 training to lay out the land of data, how it’s used in risk across various industries. The skills obtained will last a lifetime and give an edge in the workplace that is unobtainable otherwise. The experience Mori shares you can’t find anywhere else. It gives the experience and knowledge that is not available at an institution such as CU, Boulder.

– Tesha Johnstun, Business Robotics Analyst Risk Control, UBS Bank

Mori has been not only an excellent mentor and teacher but a great friend as well. He’s created something truly special in the ERM risk academy and without the academy, I would not be in the position I am now. I have yet to come across anyone with as strong of an analytical skillset as Mori and he’s taught me almost everything I know about risk management and the finance industry in general. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly then Mori.

– Marcus Martinez, Industry Insights Analyst at ALG, A TrueCar Company

Topics Covered in ERM Academy

We prepare you in niche areas of analytics, quantitative, structured finance, risk management, decision science, statistical modeling, programming, and marketing CRM.

Credit Risk

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Operational Risk

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Market Risk

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Insurance Risk / Actuarial

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CRM Marketing

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Programming & Data Analysis

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Exam Prep

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How can you guarantee students get a high paying job?

Because all our students land high paying jobs and become managers soon after. We teach our students amazing skills that are so rare in the US, that we import them. when you graduate from college, You will know skills that only analysts and managers with advanced degrees learn after years of working.

What is your student success rate?

It’s 100% placement over $70,000, and soon after, six figure management positions.

Is the training online or in person?

The training is online but given COVID disappearance, it will be a combination of online and in-person.

Mori Batagva, ERM Academy Data Science Bootcamp Founder

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Academy was founded in 2009 in Boulder, CO, by Mori Batagva. Since our inception, we have been successfully creating an advanced quantitative finance and risk data analysis workforce. College students and underemployed / unemployed college graduates from economics, finance, marketing and other quantitative fields are trained in enterprise risk management (ERM), risk analytics and modeling, loss reserving and risk based pricing.

Hear From More ERM Academy Actuarial Data Science Bootcamp Graduates

Mori and I worked together at his ERM Academy in Boulder, Colorado for two years. From the moment I met Mori I felt like I had known him for years. He became a good friend and teacher within the first session. Mori is an excellent teacher who is very knowledge in his field. His real life examples make for the best learning experience that anyone could ask for. Risk management is not an easy field and Mori does an excellent job of breaking down complex subjects so that a new student, or even a seasoned student, can relate and understand. When I signed up for his class, I did not know what to expect. What I got was a great introduction and in depth understanding of the Risk Management industry. Mori’s endless connections in the field and expert advice make for an added bonus when working with such a great guy and good friend.

– Christopher Burnham, First Vice President of Investments at Marcus & Millichap

I worked with Mori at his ERM Academy for two years, and he’s been my mentor and great friend for the last six. I can honestly say that nobody is more passionate about creating a new class of hard-working, ethical, and analytically superior students. When I signed on to his program, I didn’t realize I was gaining a career coach and friend for life, but his global network and seemingly endless connections have opened unbelievable doors for me and the rest of the ERM Academy graduates. Mori has a heart of gold and has been the largest influence in my professional career. I use his training every day and I know that he will always be ready to jump on a call and talk about what’s next in my career.

– Alec Hugo, Senior Sales Operations Analyst at OpenTable

Throughout the 6 years of knowing Mori I have never stopped learning. Whether I was working with him, tutoring his students or simply reaching out to see how he was doing he has always helped to progress my skill set while also being a close friend. The ERM Academy taught me the finest Risk Management techniques backed by real-life examples, running in parallel with professionalism and social responsibility. I looked to apply my skills in ways I was unable to in my college courses and I was ecstatic when I achieved this within the Academy. I cannot thank Mori enough for supporting my thirst for knowledge and pushing me further than I thought was possible. From Credit Risk to Predictive Modeling to Marketing Analytics he has helped me think of data in ways I had not been able to before. I find myself looking back at the hours spent working as a Risk Analyst frequently, cherishing the impact it has had on my career and character. Mori is a leader, a colleague and a friend. I thank him for the lessons he’s taught and the experiences he’s shared. I hope, but am confident, that he can continue his tremendous success wherever he ventures next.

– Jon Kelly, Revenue Operations Manager at YipitData

ERM Academy | Enterprise Risk Management Training

Enterprise Risk Management Academy has been creating a globally competitive work force in financial service industries. We prepare college students and professionals in niche areas in analytics and quantitative and structured finance, risk management, decision science, and marketing CRM. Our ultimate mission is to create a network of socially responsible management force with superior analytic and decision science capacities, throughout the US and the globe.

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